My name is Mairi Wharehoka, a Maori woman from New Zealand. (If you don’t know where NZ is, think All Blacks, Haka & sheep!)

I have always wanted to blog, just couldn’t find the balls (courage) to do it. The thought of writing about friends, family, life etc. was daunting. The last two years have helped me realise that life is short, everyone has a story, myself included.

I am newly single again at 57 and share a home with my two adult sons,  the youngest (29yrs) has Autism, the eldest (35yrs), a soon to be Architect. My daughter (37yrs), lives in Canada (longer than she has in NZ) with my three mokopuna (grandchildren).

I have had more careers than the average outlier and am interested in a shit load of topics, ideas and genres. I am a book collector and read anything & everything from junk mail to fiction, non-fiction to architecture practice notes and from time to time, I review a book or paper “just because”.


Why am I here? – A few topics


Middle Age – What is that?

I think it’s just a label to put us mature women/men in! It may have been Ok for the last generation when the mortality rate was mid-late 60’s, but it sure as hell, is not Ok now. We’re living longer (well into our 80’s) & our contribution to humanity is vast. Stayed tuned for my view on hitting 60, 70, 80…


Autism – Falling through the cracks in the system

I will never be an “Empty Nester”. What does that look like? He’s too special to live normally, yet too normal, to be on the special list. This subject is close to my heart. I love my son and ponder how he will cope when I go for the big sleep.


My Take on – Everyday life

A dialogue: stress,  sibling rivalry, depression, caring for elderly parents, blended families, change, marriage, relationships, virtues, how to run a business, death & grief. An overview on many subjects that all humans experience at some time in their lives.


Flowers – A metaphor for life

Flowers have a correlation with life. Every flower reflects a part of our personality. We all have our favourite colour, smell, shape and texture. I banter about flowers and their meanings and a reflective dialogue on ‘Who we are”


Kiwi English

When visiting my daughter, Canadians don’t understand what I’m saying, even though, I’m speaking English! So, in this blog, I have decided to educate readers by writing using our NZ English nuances rather than common international English and include words from my native Maori language (Te Reo). I will attempt to define words in brackets, however, I’m sure after reading a few of my blogs, things will click and it will become clear as day.


I think that’s enough topics to blat about. I’m looking forward to hearing from like minded people, sharing thoughts, ideas and genuine feedback, having fun and learning along the way.

Nga mihi kia koutou (Thanks everyone) for taking the time to read my blog




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