Saying goodbye to the security of a great job and weekly income can be a terrifying prospect. Waxing and waning whether to leave a job, or not, is sometimes more about personal insecurities rather than the cheque at the end.
Some points to help overcome these fears:

• Make, a decision and stick to it, otherwise you will eventually feel stuck
• Security is an illusion, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
• Fear of the unknown disappears once known
• There’s a world of possibilities out there, it just needs a leap of faith

The panic of being “unemployed” creates a mindfulness that encourages pragmatism and we begin to realise that we can easily live on less money than we think.
We can:

• Reduce the number of weekly lattes we have
• Use the free app versions instead of premium
• Walk rather than drive and get exercise at the same time
• Plan meals for the week and buy accordingly

Adapting to this mindfulness can be great for our sense of wellbeing. We become wiser knowing that we have adapted to this lesser income. And we see our previous employee life clearer, increasing our determination and focus to stick to our initial decision.

I have meet at least eleven people who have left their jobs this year. Either to follow their dream or get away from a job they were not happy in. They all had doubts, however, none of them now have any regrets. They look younger, happier and more inspired with life and all of them wished they had left their jobs sooner.

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking”   Marcus Aurelius – Roman emperor from 161 to 180


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