Improve your health – Read a Book

In the age of constant social media consumption, we have forgotten to chew the cud.

Social media and Dr Google do all our thinking for us. They give us stories, ideas & concepts along with all the answers we think we may need, limiting our ability to think, feel and do for ourselves.


I believe that reading a book is a way to reconnect with ourselves.

Books are:

• an escape from the gadget and screen world of today. Being unplugged is a great feeling.
• someone’s else’s thoughts, ideas, journeys and teachings that broaden our understanding of other cultures, times and experiences.
• excellent discussion pieces to share with friends and family, sparking a multitude of topic avenues


Health aspects of Reading:

• Sitting still to read, releases stress and relaxes the body, therefore, improving physical health.
• Teleporting into a great story frees the mind from day-to-day worries or the never ending “to do” list, improving our mental wellbeing
• Reading makes us visualise the story, idea or concept in our minds and challenges us to consider options and adapt accordingly.
• Reading helps us develop more cognitive balance and gives us the opportunity to unhook ourselves from our single pointed perspectives
• Apparently, the vocabulary of a reader is three times more than a non-reader, encouraging better word use and increased confidence
• Reading is an opportunity to increase our tactility…. turning pages, holding it up, the feel of the paper
• Reading increases and encourages the creative imagination process

All in all, reading a book is a secret elixir to good health. They are everywhere and there is no real excuse to not have a book in hand.


Improve your health – Start reading a book today.