Are you practicing Virtues?

The definition of Virtue is: the essence of character or moral excellence.
These characters are described as good qualities and they demonstrate positive traits, such as: honesty, kindness, being of service, being respectful and forgiving.
Virtuous people are said to be “Good people”. They generally abide by a set of values and principles cultivated by their desire to seek greater purpose in their life and consciously, practice these values daily.

These Characters help us to:

  • build Discipline in our lives. Discipline enables goal achievement and a sense of order and certainty and stop us from getting too distracted
  • encourage Creativity and an Openness to new ideas, encouraging healthy mental agility and flow
  • develop the ability to Trust others, whether it be in a relationship, at work or with family. Trust adds value and keeps our relationships meaningful
  • understand Gratitude, this shifts us from “Victim” mentality. We become more appreciative of what we have and feel grateful and thankful to be who and where we are
  • give the gift of Kindness to another, to restore faith in humanity. Giving joy to other people, increases our sense of happiness and well-being
  • Be of Service to promote strength in communities and create stronger bonds
  • understand Forgiveness. Forgiveness is the greatest virtue of all. When we truly forgive someone, we release our attachment to them and set ourselves free to pursue new adventures


Why should we practice these Virtues?

It takes courage to practice virtues. We may feel “this is dumb” or be afraid of change, Yet, if we add a little drop of perseverance, the results will show for themselves in extraordinary ways.

Our lives will be happier, have more purpose. People’s responses to us will change, we will enjoy better health & greater fulfilment. We will live in happiness more often.

We will be our own Reward