Change is a Dam Buster

The definition of Change means to: become different; to undergo a modification or transformation and to shift ones consciousness to create a different pattern of thinking.

Generally, the majority of people including myself, have difficulty with or do not accept “Change”. We refuse it with avengeance and will climb mountains to stay in our little comfort zones of scheduled sameness. Better the devil we know, than the one we don’t right?

Whether we want to or not, change is constant, it’s here, it’s now, it’s every moment in our lives. So, everytime we resist something that’s constant…….. What do you think happens?

We become our own human dam and start backing up all our bullshit and drama behind the wall until eventually, enough is enough and our dam bursts open in a great rush causing chaos, fear, confusion and devastation behind us and before us.


In hindsight and if I was paying attention, I would have noticed some tell tale signs that a change was coming:

  • Time moved slower than usual
  • I noticed things in my friends, family and work mates that no longer fit my values
  • I felt frustrated and irritated with life generally
  • I felt like no one was listening
  • I felt stuck, tired and heavy laden

If you’re a change junkie and can initiate changes yourselves, then it’s pretty easy to move and adapt. If you’re not, well, then you’re left with a mess to clean up which, if I looked at it pragmatically, I could have avoided.


The positives I pondered while cleaning up the mess I got myself in:

  • I discovered new insights and aspects of my life
  • New environments, situations & people made themselves known to me
  • Change lowered my “Fear limitations” with the thought that adaptation would be easier next time
  • My physical and mental health improved and my symptoms disappeared
  • My job, family and finances were happier
  • I was given an opportunity to re-evaluate my life from a new and different perspective, adding value
  • I get to rebuild my life using new materials and ideas
  • I realised that overcoming these tough changes made me stronger and I have increased resilience

Moral of this story: If we can allow ourselves to learn from changes in our lives, we will discover new ways to celebrate joy, happiness and fulfilment and we will wish we had made these changes years ago.







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