The aftermath of business – written Sept 2017.

Today begins the second week of freedom from working 12-16-hour days in a business, which I have now sold!

Initially, I imagined bouncing out of bed, to enjoy long leisurely breakfasts with a pot of coffee and a good book. Or popping in to catch up with friends & family, then home to lay in the sun with book in hand.
Unfortunately, it was none of the above. It was a week-long vigil of dragging myself out of bed around 10-11am, to eat something minutely sustaining and drop into a heap on the couch to nod off in mid-coffee. My thoughts were scrambled, racing from nil to 100km in 6 secs. My head hurt, similar to the hangovers of my youth followed by an overwhelming feeling of tiredness. I had 12-14 hours’ sleep at night and 2-3 hours during the day. My mind no longer ruled the demands of the day and my body commanded all the attention. I had an unusual feeling that I was recuperating or recovering from a very long illness even though I have not been ill.

I pondered on this strange recovery feeling and came to the conclusion that being in business can almost suck the life out of you, if you let it. It creeps up on you like a frog in a cold pot and before you know it, you’ve cooked yourself.

Your mind plays boss way too long and before you know it, it takes full control and pushes aside whatever the body wants to say with a casual, “we’ll deal with it when we get home” attitude. Of course, by the time you get home, body is too exhausted and wants to be put to rest, but mind strives and drives to finish last minute paperwork and accounting and Exhaustion becomes Real.

After a few years of doing the same thing day after day, we fall into a holding pattern and it’s easy to become complacent. Customers give you great feedback which pats your self-satisfied ego on the back and you become totally unaware of your own deficiencies. It’s a good thing customers complain from time to time. Its an excellent wake up call reminding you be somewhat more discerning.

In summary, if you are reading this and the above musings hit a note in your body, please find a quiet moment to tell your mind to Shut Up, so you can take time to ponder on what is real and what is just plain old economy.

A six month update coming up next month.

Nga mihi




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