Six thousand steps plus seventy three. A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Tardy  


Off to school, this son of mine, to catch the bus at eight o five

Autism then, was not kind, methodical rules, immacculate time

Six thousand steps plus seventy three

Another six hundred completed the spree


Leave the house, seven fifty five, quickened pace, get there on time

Each step counted, make no mistake, meltdown assured, this it will make

Eight o five, on the dot, the bus is here, no it is not

Home again, each step counted, bus not there, to Mum he pouted


Cows she milked, pressure to bare, this son of mine, just isn’t fair

In the car, her lip she bit, the front seat, only, he could sit

School they park, not to be tardy, freaking out, not fool hardy

You’ll be OK, his head on her shoulder

One day at a time, school life, will soon be over


A poem celebrating our life during my sons high school years. Somedays the bus was there, most days it was not. Cest la vie!