The Gerbera is a type of daisy, native to South Africa and named after the German Botanist, Doctor Traugott Gerber in the 18th century.

It has various meanings: Egyptians see it as a devotion to the Sun.; Celts once believed gerbera lessened sorrow and stress, however, the majority of the worlds population feel the gerbera means pure happiness.

Research has shown that Gerbera have the ability to remove some toxins from the air such as: formaldehyde and benzene. It is an excellent sleep aide. Leave a gerbera plant in your room and it will release continuous streams of oxygen through the night.

Like sunflowers, gerbera follow the sun and are in the top five flowers of the world that people like. They are symbolic of the “Celebration and simple beauty of a very happy life”.

Gerberas look stunning and take centre stage in any bouquet or arrangement. Their iridescent, deep and vibrant colours attract all ages and are a great gift for someone embarking on a major change in their life.

Disclaimer: This article is written from my view as a keen gardener and florist for many years. Plant origin and medicinal values are a compact compilation of my research and personal use. Gift presentations and ideas eventuated and are related to NZ lifestyle and celebrations.

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