via Daily Prompt: Silhouette 


From the shadows she whispered, I could not hear

She taunted and twisted, veil in her hair

I did not think, that she was real

Blinked and slapped myself

A pinch I’d steal


She looked straight through me, her waiting eyes

I was frozen in place, fear of demise

What did she want, I needed to know

The courage to speak

Words I must sow


Reading my mind, she spoke to me clear

I am silhouette, please do not fear

Fragments of you, of those, I am one

To be lost in spirit

I will become


From the shadows, I whispered, come to me here

I held her and listened, her tale and my tears

Mistakes I had made, yes, she was real

A blink and a slap

And a pinch I did steal
















7 replies on “And a pinch I did steal. A poem

      1. They are little pieces of my life. The daily word prompt helps them come up, I plug in and that’s what comes out. Some of it is painful, other times relief, often freedom…:)

        Thank you…:)

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