Eyes pretence of darkling. A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable 


He walked past, an open smile

I shivered with hesitation

A wisp of hair, a friendly nod

I feared obliteration


In his chair, he sat and smirked

Eyes pretence of darkling

A clever glare, made me sear

Inscrutable and snarky


His face grew dark, the switch, the spark

Escape before he threw me

To fear I froze, to fear I rose

The power of fear, it grew me


God of gods, I commanded power

My days will not end here

This is not, the plan, my darkest hour

Of him, I will not fear


The sun, it shines, a gracious smile

It’s warmth and glow, I bask

A smile I take, new life I make

A good life, is not a task