Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognise our emotions. Understand what they’re saying to us and how they maybe affecting the people around us. It also allows us to understand our perceptions of others and how they feel, allowing us to manage our relationships with ourselves and them more effectively.

Generally, people with emotional intelligence are able to maintain calm through stressful situations, are quiet mindful problem solvers, great decision makers, they trust their intuition and are willing to look at themselves honestly.

Some benefits of Emotional Intelligence:

Decision making – being able to identify your emotions, where they came from and what they mean, allows a more rational, well planned approach to decision making.

Relationships – Understanding another person (walking in their shoes), what they do and why they do what they do, can give us a greater appreciation of that person, strengthening the bond, minimising judgement and criticism in a relationship

Stress – Internal turmoil can lead to higher stress in the body and holding negative emotions can express themselves as physical illness. Hence, identifying emotions will help release stress and body hold.

Some daily practices:

Self process – practice maintaining self process over thoughts and emotions. How we think and feel determine our view on any situation and practicing self process will make a difference between a successful decision, career, relationship or a confused, distracted, problematic one.

Identifying feelings – Practice identifying your feelings out loud. Acknowledge “I feel annoyed”,  “I feel pissed off”, ” I feel elated”, “I feel angry”, “I feel supported” …. The more we practice, the more empathy we develop, minimising stress.

Body Language – Study your body language, What is it saying? to you? to others? Is it saying, “I am shy, confident, sad, determined?” Look at your posture, positioning and facial expressions when with other people. Examine your eye contact, voice, tone, speed and pitch. All these tell a story to you and to everyone else.

Know thyself

In order to know another, we must first, know thyself. Otherwise the boundaries get blurred and what we may think is the emotion or attitude of another person, may in actual fact, be our own.

Fact or fiction? Try these and decide for yourself.





4 replies on “Emotional Intelligence!!!

  1. Good post. I’m getting a grip on the understanding that people are just human and you can’t just be pushing them hard. And the same for myself! 😳


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