via Daily Prompt: Enroll


Enrol your self in the game of

life, so the heavens above will see you


Turn up on time, be ready and

organized, follow the rules and if you can


Be attentive and study the many

subjects, for you are graded


The responsibility lies with

you, your choice is your


The marks are neither pass or

fail, rather by your response or


Rewards are many or too

few, this game of Life all depends on your





5 replies on “Enrol your self in the game

    1. Mmmmm🤔🤔🤔 some great ideas here Robert. I hadn’t thought of them. Will look into them. 👍
      My posts are trial and error at the moment.. I don’t yet know what topic direction I want to go in. These ones are light hearted banter.
      Will give thought to recipes. Stay tuned 😎

      Liked by 1 person

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