Gypsophila or Baby’s’ Breath got its name from the mineral Gypsum which makes soil thick and heavy and that’s just how this plant likes it. This herbaceous plant can be either annual or perennial and is pest-resistant, which makes it popular with gardeners. Gypsophila plants grow up to 1-2′ high, bearing multitudes of branched stems of dainty white or pink flowers.

Symbolic of pureness, innocence, long lasting love and purity of emotions probably why it is used a lot in Weddings. A more modern meaning however is to show self discipline and fidelity!

Medicinal experts have found that gypsohpila contains compounds that may assist leukaemia medication. Extracts from the white flower can boost the efficiency of anti-cancer drugs a million fold. Molecules called saponins, extracted from Gypsophila Paniculata, appear to break down the membrane of cancer cells.

Gypsophila is very popular in wedding bouquets. It makes simple yet elegant buttonholes, hair adornments for flower girls, paving the aisle toward the alter and of course, the alter itself.

The tiny branches are delicate, so a gentle touch is necessary so the stems don’t break. Suggest not to mist them as it could encourage rot and they will go brown. If pressed for time put the buds in a warm solutions of flower food and then place in a warm area for the day to help with circulation and the buds will open.

Overall, the gypsophila message is: Stay dedicated to your cause and remember the power of innocence.




12 replies on “Gypsophila (Baby’s’ Breath)

  1. A buddy of mine when I was in Alberta said a guest at his wedding made a flower salad for him as a wedding gift!
    How about some recipes that I can snack on while scratching myself and watching tv?

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      1. A professor buddy of mine sent me a link a few years back about edible flowers! I know they exist. The guy with the wedding was Lebanese, if that helps!

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