via Daily Prompt: Tend


His quirks and nuances are normal behaviour

Why me , I ask, I am not his saviour

His character and stymie, impede my thoughts

I become him and he makes me distraught


His language, no conjunctions, when we discuss

Leave me frustrated, I storm in a huff

I tend toward silence and aloneness at times

To gather my thoughts, and me, I must find


Autism is a complicated beast

Can be a shackle with a need to unleash

I pick my battles when dealing with him

Co’s I love my son, whose living within


A day in the life of a mum and her son

12 replies on “His character and stymie, impede my thoughts

  1. Mothers are great, when they love you! Not all mothers love their kids, your sons does and so does mine! Tell your son head as lucky as this other guy. I’ll agree to that! 🤔


  2. Your other post about why you love flowers made me think again that flowers sing, but with colors and not with sound do much!
    I’m a guy and I like nature so I like flowers! And I think we should eat them too! I guess I’m a caveman!

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