Once a year, lovers all around the world anticipate something special to occur on February 14th, or Valentine’s Day. Be it a romantic dinner for two, a well thought out gift and bouquet, or maybe just breakfast in bed, being able to give and receive simple statements such as, “I care about you”, or “I love you”, or even just “You are always on my mind” (now you have that song stuck in your head don’t you…? :D) during a quiet, planned moment, is the real reason why people look forward to this day.

Now yes, there are many nay sayers out there who get grumpy that people buy into this once a year “made-up” holiday and that everyday should be a thoughtful, love filled day, but I say phooey to the lot of you!Valentines1.pdf

Why? Because any reason to show someone you care about them is good enough for me. Most people find it hard to do so regularly in their day to day lives. Some people are so busy that they simply forget. Others need to be reminded to show their feelings. Special occasions cater to these (most) people. And that’s where Valentine’s Day comes in handy.

Perhaps you live a hectic lifestyle. Perhaps you find it difficult to juggle life, work and feelings all at once. Perhaps you just assume that your significant other already knows you love them and doesn’t need to be “shown” by materialistic gestures. Or perhaps you are a nay sayer simply because you don’t see the sense in buying a couple of roses to express your love.

I say don’t be that person this Valentine’s Day. Be outwardly caring. Be a giver. No matter the reason. Be passionate and extend your boundaries and remind those you love that you love them enough to make them feel extra special on a special day. You will be amazed at the joy you will receive in return.

Happy Valentine’s Day, flower lovers! xo



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