Bells of Ireland, strangely enough, originated in Syria, Turkey and Caucasus. In the UK they are referred to as Bells of Ireland and often changed to Bells of Dover or another town, region, depending on where it grew in UK. Here in New Zealand and Australia they are known as Canterbury bells, although they look quite different.

4 leaf clover

This lovely plant is a symbol of “Good luck” and is given as gifts to someone starting a new adventure or an expectant couple. Bells of Ireland are considered the energy of the soul. Flower essences made from BOI are used to open doorways to the elemental and angelic kingdoms assisting your intuitive and sound vibrations.

Bells of Ireland botanical name is “Moluccella laevis” from the Moluccella genus and is related to┬áthe Mint family, hence, the scent is similar, yet not as potent. Their stems are hollow, beak easily and can grow up to 2-3 feet high. Their green flowers look like bells known as calyx, where the real flowers (tiny white spikes) are protected. They have a delightful aroma, an almost smell of freshness.


Bells of Irelands are one of my favourite flowers for texture and architectural balance. I love using them in bouquets, they add a touch of elegance to any bouquet or arrangement.

The only thing Irish about them is the colour green


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