Life is still lonely, at eighty-three

via Daily Prompt: Constant
I wake to an empty nest
And wonder what happened
Is this it?
Is it over?
My purpose in life

What will become of me
Now Mothering has passed
Am I to be shelved for later
Brought out when needed

Where have they all gone
My sons and daughters
Leading their own lives
Not knowing my fears

My husband is happy
Content in his shed
He needs me for food and laundry
And the odd time in bed

All is lost I feel
The walls have closed me in
Empty without purpose
What fear could be worse

Thirteen years have now passed
since writing the above
My husband in spirit
And alone with my thoughts

Time goes by, I’m still here
sharp of mind, creative in thought
life is still lonely, at eighty-three
we cannot perceive, our meaning to be

Anything but, Constant


I wrote the first section for my Mum in 2005, at a time when all her children had moved away or overseas and Dad had retired. She struggled to find her meaningfulness. The last two verses are where she is today. Love you Mum!
Written by Mairi Wharehoka
14/11/05 @ 10.09am