Warming our frostbitten toes?

via Daily Prompt: Conversant


Do you remember the fresh morning breeze
the mountains in the distance
and the morning star leading the way?

The paddocks of green that glisten in wait
our cows impatience for morning hugs
and the earth warming our frostbitten toes?

Our laughter as we scoffed blackberries
with the juice inspiring art on our clothes
as we shared banter as children do?

The joy we shared whilst the world slept
whittling sticks for magic cow wands
conjuring farming Prince Charming’s?

Do you remember the fresh morning breeze
walking home with our cows
and our conversant laughter as children?


In NZ dairy farms can have from 100 – 1000 cows, milked twice day. I was born on a farm and love the earthy mornings and fresh practical-ness of it. Cows are amazingly friendly and protective animals and will be your friend for life.