I feel your voice speak to me

via Daily Prompt: Premonition


Remember the afternoon Kui
I felt your voice speak to me
You were my guide, my light
my reason, my clarity

Your words were so clear Kui
“was time to meet your maker”
you wanted me to listen, please
to attention and note taker

Your instructions were precise Kui
for when the time was to come
not today, but the fourth day
and from that moment on

I tried to call you Kui
you did not answer your phone
I wanted to say, I love you
one more time, before you go

I know you did not answer
knowing it was me
I would have begged and pleaded
and made it difficult for thee

My, how time has past Kui
thirty-two years this day
Your love has been a treasure
A measure of me today

I know you still watch over me
and whisper in my ear
I feel your voice speak to me
a premonition, I do not fear


Written to my Kui (Grandmother) whom I loved and adored and still inspires me.