A baby monster under the carpet

via Daily Prompt: Typical


We had a baby monster under the carpet
it ate crumbs and remnants we left behind
it flourished and grew silently in the dark
Our complacency ignored it and
we pretended it wasn’t there

The carpet grew mould and became murky
and the smell made us gag in putrid despair
The monster was eating the floor boards
Our complacency noted it and
we pretended it wasn’t there

The monster fell through the floor boards
growing too big for the carpet to share
he filled the basement with his stench unpleasant
Our complacency changed to concern
we were forced to tend it with care

The monster grew fat and more hungry
he had eaten our house ‘n’ car and all that
he wanted us to justify our future existence
Our complacency turned to despair
we realised that for each other

We actually no longer cared