Riding the wave of reality!

Did you know that the experience of falling in love lasts an average of two years? Then the illusion of intimacy evaporates and the individual desires, emotions, thoughts and behaviour patterns assert themselves and we return to the “this is what I’m really like” reality.


These waves of reality begin to separate us and we begin the hard work of learning to love each other, without the euphoria of the in-love obsession. If we are not able to meander our way through each others “stuff”, as well as our own, with clear concise communication, we will struggle to conceive any value in the relationship. And so, we fall out of love and at that point, we either withdraw, separate, divorce or jump ship and try again.


In my flower shop, it was easy to identify these customers, not only in their body language. The type of flowers they purchased as well as how much they spent also reflected their relationship situation.



I found that, Customers who were living in the “In Love” experience bought mostly Roses using a red and white theme and spent twice as much money on flowers than the “Riding the wave of Reality” customers who bought mostly lilies, gerberas, tulips and irises. However, customers who were “Jumping from ship to ship” spent three times the amount as the “In Love” customers, buying large bouquets of Red roses, peonies and white lilies, along with Wine, French truffles and Teddy Bears.


I found this book The Five Languages of Love to be very helpful in identifying what and why my customers purchased, enabling better stock purchase and control.

In summary, what ever language you are speaking today, a florist will have already learnt it…:)