via Daily Prompt: Fact


free and clear thought

for all common traits

find and cleave trouble

for a captivating take


forget all calculated tantrums

find another cautious twist

free all cranky tripe

forge and cast thrift


for all captive trivia

face active concise thought

forgive and consider tenderness

for all conscious taught


f        a         c        t







5 replies on “Forge and cast thrift

    1. There is a story in there and it is based on f a c t. I don’t think many people got it lol… you’re the only one who has said they got it. A great test of presence.
      You’re welcome. I like posts that i enjoy reading, or are thought provoking🤔 in some way and your site is a nice meander.🙄

      Liked by 1 person

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