Just too damn Ceccato

via Daily Prompt: Blush


as she listens, shy and red faced

he waxes,  lashings of words, to be heard

in no uncertain terms or order, for her

to jot, take note and remember as quick

as she can write or she will miss

what he said, never to be repeated least

he remember anyway


she writes, it’s all hear, just too damn

Ceccato. the normal, find, difficult to follow,

comprehend. brilliance, is yet, though

what is, is yours to bestow

he’s a writer, a person, a reader

of others work. she gets lost in his

blurb ilia to know, translation


she listens and learns something knew?

askew, a blush. expand and describe

write this down, it’s important to note

personalise, revise, describe again

this man, that woman, where’s this? place?

there are rules to adhere, don’t break them