Another Award. Thank you so much How I Lost My Chains. The word “Versatile” describes me to a tee. I was nominated sometime ago and life got a bit busy.  I tried to ignore it, hoping it would go away. Consider me a sister bitch to How I Lost My Chains .

The rules for accepting this award are simple:

  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15+ amazing bloggers for this award. That’s a lot of bloggers when you’re a newbie. I wont be offended if you choose not to “do anything with it”

Interesting facts:

  1. My birth Certificate tells me I am “Maori of Full Blood” . I don’t think I am. Statistics show there are less than 2% full blooded Maori in existence.
  2. One of my sons has Autism. He will be 30yrs in May. He is unable to work because his attention span is so short. He is dyslexic, hyperlexic and has narcolepsy, a great trio.
  3. Back in the day when milk came in glass bottles and they delivered it to our gate, there was a time when I couldn’t pay my milk bill, so I wrote a poem to the milkman outlining my money woes. He replied in kind with a poem saying my milk would be free for the month.
  4. I had/have three mother-in-laws (don’t ask!) and I love/loved them all. One has passed on. Every year I delivered four bouquets one for my Mum) of flowers for each of them on Mothers Day, their Birthdays and Christmas.
  5. I am still great friends with these ladies sons.
  6. I was once a book reviewer and can read an average sized novel in two hours.
  7. All my working life revolved around the mechanical trade: engineering, mechanics, panel beating, coach painting and automotive sales and farming. Except for my last business, a florist shop (sold Sept 2017). It has been my only “girl job”. Please don’t get carried away with the “Equality” thing.

Done and dusted.

And the nominations are:

  1. Truly Madly Ordinary.Stories From The Heart.
  2. Writings to Heaven
  3. Sundaram Chauhan Writes
  4. How I killed Betty
  5. Lou Rasmus
  6. Michael D. Turashoff
  7. Snakes in the Grass 2014
  8. Zamed
  9. Ardor’s Garden
  10. Preshemie
  11. intothelight
  12. Beauty of Writing
  13. Patrick Stories
  14. evanaweb
  15. Invisible No More

And my list. Thanks again How I Lost my Chains

24 replies on “The Versatile Award

  1. Thank you! I can at least list those “interesting” facts about myself here:

    1. I place smelly garbage in the freezer before removing it from the house. My ex looked at me strange for 20 years because of this and never got used to it. My current did it before we were married. This I decided is the definition of true love.

    2. I became a librarian, not because I love books so much but because I was looking for an easy job. I was wrong about that, but I still managed to enjoy a gratifying career.

    3. Raised by my sisters to be a Beatles and Motown fan, I later grew into an all consuming love affair with the music of Genesis. When people ask me which era I love more, Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins, I say neither: I’m a Tony Banks man.

    4. I am praying for the ghost of Hubert Humphrey to come save us from the current political madness that has consumed our country. It helps me get to sleep at night.

    5. A plate of pasta with olive oil and lots of garlic, along with a glass of wine, is my idea of heaven. Okay, okay, maybe some shrimp in there too.

    6. I once pointed to a female co-worker’s belly and asked her in what month would she was due? She responded, “I”\’m not pregnant, you jerk, I’m just fat.” Good times, good times.

    7. My favorite author is John P. Marquand. That’s always a conversation killer at every cocktail party.

    Thanks again, Mairi! – Marty

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    1. That’s what my friends used to say. “2 hours really” then give me a book, wait for me to read it, ask me question incase I cheated somehow” lol..
      Gotta love our mum’s…all of them😍

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