via Daily Prompt: Song



There’s a ditty, a melody, a tune

a calling to function and purpose

A niche, a position, vocation

begging a familial long




A new day, a new prose, a new quest

a challenge to live another tune

To portray and wax another verse

If the last song has gone wrong




Sing a new sketch, impression, a render

surrender to the new flow

Engage the new pattern and tempo

And dance to a new song




6 replies on “Calling to function and purpose

  1. I do understand, being 63 myself. We think when we are young that “hitting 60” is the beginning of the end. We lament our aging bodies and health issues etc. Being young is supposed to be the best part of life. Many buy into that theory and quit dreaming. They try to “act” their age. If they aren’t careful they fall into a rut. But what we don’t learn when we are young is the benefit of being older – and that is, our experience, learning and wisdom. We have nothing to prove to anyone. I love this age. Each day is a gift and it is exciting to see what I can accomplish. I don’t know without checking which blog you tapped into, but if you’d like to see what I do, go to Have a great day!

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    1. Hi Sonni, I too love being middle aged. To say, do and wear what I like and not care about ” what others think” is very freeing. I am finally able to do all those things I had put aside while caring for husbands, children and parents. Onward and upward, it can only get better from here. I will look up for blog site. Thank you for visiting my site😊


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