via Daily Prompt: Elaborate


It’s a complicated ordeal

this thing called life

it’s detailed, complex and convoluted

The hoards of information

that imply the Right Path

some serpentine, tortuous and twisted

Just being, Being

Surely, could be enough?

to live this elaborate esse

I challenge another

to advise a solution

and illuminate freedom please?

Β© Mairi Wharehoka 2018




14 replies on “Live this elaborate esse

  1. I have recently heard that serpents were the icon of original Goddess cultures and were made to be considered evil as just one of many ways to disenfranchise the power of maternal religions and cultures of yore. So no wonder it’s a serpentine path this life we’re living. There is no solution, but to live with gusto and an internal fierceness this life we have been given. Great poem. Thanks for sharing it.

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    1. Yes I think the Bibles, Garden of Eden, has inhibited any positive association to the feminine principle. Co-joining Eve (aka women) with evil, serpents and snakes is a common finding today.
      Thank you for you feedback. Immensely appreciative 😊


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