via Daily Prompt: Notable

I question a notable haunting
a component transpired
a new energy and vitality

No new love or confection
ingested to stimulate
it’s vigour and resilience

A force strong, encompassing
in virile pursuit
driving me beyond myself

No penchant fear adopted by me
nor dormant kundalini
lay latent beneath

I must move with this ardour
and soak in it’s verve
or imprisoned I will make me

© Mairi Wharehoka 2018

13 replies on “In virile pursuit

    1. I had acquired an new found energy that I felt was strong and somewhat virile or masculine if you will. I could not identify it’s source.
      I felt compelled to labour productively from dawn to dusk with no sign of tiring. I decided that if I did not get more rest and pursue balance, it would either exhaust me or imprison me …:)

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      1. Wow that’s deep. I understand it now. But seriously how did you come up with this ? It really has so much life in it. When did you come up with the idea to write it down. I am just curious that’s all 😊

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      2. I don’t usually know what I’m going to write until I start writing. I look at the daily prompt, think about the word and then sentences begin flowing through my head. I write them into my post as they come. Takes approx 30 minutes from opening a blank page to publishing.

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      3. Wow that’s impressive Mairi. I usually read your poems in the mornings and it’s gives me so much happiness 😊. I love your writing and I also believe that there is a good poet in you 😇. Keep writing Mairi cause I will always be there to read them 😇. Thank you so much again for having the patience to read and reply to me.


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