Daily Prompt: Rapid


He was aware of his fugacious youth
something that was,
that is not, anymore

He wondered where it had ventured
those years of effervescent,
lively and temp’

He thinks of his wife, his children, his friends
some of whom, already
their life did it end

I’m an old man, slow and in rapid decline
no patience nor tolerance
for youth of this time

They’re scatty, entitled, demanding of more
not mindful of me
who fought in the war

I’ll be damned if I live any longer
One hundred and two
does not make me stronger

God give me strength, a whiskey or four
put an end to my misery
and open your door


© Mairi Wharehoka 2018










33 replies on “Something that was…

      1. Lol…. I’m abit out of touch. I have a twitter account somewhere, just haven’t used it for years or seen the need lol. Maybe I’ll start anew one and see what happens. Thanks for the nudge Heather🤔👍😄

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      2. Yea, i thinking on it. I’m doing a time evaluation on my social media sites.. blog, fb, pinterest, Instagram. There’s not much time to do anything else.
        I reckon it woukd be great for you though. Easy tweet here and there. No need for a lot if thought and time like blogging. I’ll follow🙃


  1. You hear people through who want to live until they are very old. Family often wants to keep parents alive when the person doesn’t have any quality of life. But I look around at very old people and most look pretty miserable to me. Pain, illness, loss, immobility, not able to go to the bathroom without someone to pull up the depends. Over 100 is an age more people are reaching. I don’t think I want to. I’m 63 and already wake in pain everyday and my body is declining – and it gets worse from here?

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    1. My Mother sometimes gives up, then bounces back with a spring in her step. She’s 84, still lives at her home, does her own garden and get her own wood and drives herself everywhere. She’s an inspiration to me.
      Chin up SonniQ. We only get this one chance to enjoy life, its up to us to think ourselves happy…:)

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  2. And I know what you mean when you say the poetry comes out and you write it down. That is how I write poetry and music. A thought comes in and you have to just write. It comes out in one shot. If you have to think about it too hard it sounds too stilted and doesn’t work.

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  3. Amazing poem, I assumed it was about someone you know or knew? And the prompt word was totally not what one would expect the direction to take. Great job! P.S. If I win the trip to NZ mentioned in the post, it would be sweet to meet! I don’t recall if you ride. We shall see!

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