Daily prompt: Famous


A distinguished glow, flickers in the darkness

an aura of light outlines her soul

It’s difficult to see who really, she is

Yet we know, there’s a heart

made of gold


A kindly spirit oozing years of wisdom

rests in the stillness of a nights sleep

The wisdom of her experience

untapped, lays dormant

for just a moment


It takes time to know your knowing

she said

And time to be who you’re being


Focus on doing you’re doing

she said

And the path for you will start showing


With a gasping breath, a pause and smile

she releases her hold on this life

A squeeze of hand to say

I love you,Β to a lady

I deemed as famous


Β© Mairi Wharehoka 2018

25 replies on “Takes time to know your knowing

    1. Yes, you may Shavi and thank you so much for asking. Very kind…:)
      I will be away for the next week in a very rural area (very little, if no service) so will write something up when I get back if that’s ok?


    1. I love writing poetry. I can say more in it and it feels deeper to me than writing a A4 size blog.
      Thanks for your feedback, always appreciated πŸ’–


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