Just too damn Ceccato

as she listens, shy and red faced
he waxes, lashings of words, to be heard
in no uncertain terms or order, for her

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Deafening my early morning Silence

Noise is:
the chatter of people on their early morning walk
deafening my early morning Silence

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Statice, the Paper flower

It is considered a herb and remedies made from it are many, however, it has a very bitter taste, hence, a glass of wine after taking this is helpful.

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Say it with flowers

It was during the Victorian era, where every flower began to symbolize something. It is said that because of the strict protocol of that era, feelings and thoughts were not openly expressed between men and women, leading to an elaborate “flower language” or “floriography” being developed.

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down below where urban is sprawled. a poem

My attempt to conjure up a “view in words” to describe what my morning walk looks and feel like, this last month.

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