His character and stymie, impede my thoughts

His quirks and nuances are normal behaviour
Why me , I ask, I am not his saviour

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Stifle I was, so trifle I made. A Poem

A cup of bipolar, add to the mix
Heavens above, God me, he did fix

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Six thousand steps plus seventy three. A Poem

Each step counted, make no mistake, meltdown assured, this it will make 

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Marriage, How many is too many?

I admit that I didn’t think to learn my new partners “Parenting Style”. I mean who does? Who thinks of these things when they fall in love! All I was hoping was that he liked my kids….. and he did and they liked him. I just didn’t know how he was going to treat them once we got off cloud nine and normal set in.

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The Dark Taskmaster. A Stoem

I planned for Spring and Summer
And taught myself to play
Skill and tolerance held me firm
My family, live another day

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Winter – A Stoem

Thus, We surrender to the voices
A dark night of the soul
Meaninglessness, a deep sense, sets in

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Hi, My name is Mairi Wharehoka, a Maori woman from New Zealand. (If you don’t know where NZ is, think All Blacks, Haka & sheep!) I have always wanted to blog, just couldn’t find the balls (courage) to do it. The thought of writing about friends, family, life etc. was daunting. The last two years have…

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