Starting a business? Don’t be fooled by the pretty flowers.

Don’t assume that your bank, lawyer, accountant and insurance brokers you’ve had for years will be the most cost effective. Shop around, get quotes, talk to networks. Do the same with utilities and hire equipment for phones, power and POS systems. There is no room for loyalty in business.

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***Valentines Day***

Be outwardly caring. Be a giver. No matter the reason. Be passionate and extend your boundaries and remind those you love that you love them enough to make them feel extra special on a special day. You will be amazed at the joy you will receive in return.

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Get more sleep, sell your business!

In summary, if you are reading this and the above musings hit a note in your body, please find a quiet moment to tell your mind to Shut Up, so you can take time to ponder on what is real and what is just plain old economy.

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