No solution enters to partake

A ritual commanded of the two of us
From circumstances derived not usual
As we seek, challenge and decipher
No solution enters to partake

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The one that completes me

We’re alike you and I
collateral in kind and surety
My kindred coequal
the one that completes me

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Originally posted on How I Killed Betty!:
Taking the first steps outside of the aircraft and into the air, the heat and humidity lunged with full force into my body and lungs. A strange feeling of a pressurised osmosis raises my temperature within moments until there is simply clammy skin and a few damp tendrils…

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Calling to function and purpose

There’s a ditty, a melody, a tune
a calling to function and purpose
A niche, a position, vocation
begging a familial long

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Heed this change in fate


If I sit in silence
and wait
and heed this change in fate

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The Versatile Award

Another Award. Thank you so much How I Lost My Chains. The word “Versatile” describes me to a tee. I was nominated sometime ago and life got a bit busy. I tried to ignore it, hoping it would go away. Consider me a sister bitch to How I Lost My Chains

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When we come down from the temporary emotional high of an “in-love” experience, we start pursuing the “real-love” experience.

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Just too damn Ceccato

as she listens, shy and red faced
he waxes, lashings of words, to be heard
in no uncertain terms or order, for her

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