***Valentines Day***

Be outwardly caring. Be a giver. No matter the reason. Be passionate and extend your boundaries and remind those you love that you love them enough to make them feel extra special on a special day. You will be amazed at the joy you will receive in return.

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A question of flowers

What is it about this flower that you find so pleasurable? What made you think of it first?

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No poem today. A Poem

No poem today
Too lazy to say

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There’s a hole where there once was space. A Poem

The cavity of souls is a painful place
Where grief and loss seem true

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Sisterly love..

I don’t have to dress up or look nice and pretty for my sisters, they take me as I am, warts and all and will always have my back, even when they don’t need to. And it’s fantastic that there is always someone to go out with for company & social gatherings.

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Lisianthus, Poor mans rose

The Lizzy is a stunningly beautiful flower in any bouquet, weddings, posies and vase arrangements. Their frilled petals are the epitome of femininity and romance. Stunning in buttonholes, head dresses and make spectacle table centrepieces.

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Freewill, 2018

Living life with this view, has it’s consequences. I have been called: direct, blunt, cold hearted, detached and brutally honest …  C’est la vie! Such is life

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Marriage, How many is too many?

I admit that I didn’t think to learn my new partners “Parenting Style”. I mean who does? Who thinks of these things when they fall in love! All I was hoping was that he liked my kids….. and he did and they liked him. I just didn’t know how he was going to treat them once we got off cloud nine and normal set in.

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