Deafening my early morning Silence

Noise is:
the chatter of people on their early morning walk
deafening my early morning Silence

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Statice, the Paper flower

It is considered a herb and remedies made from it are many, however, it has a very bitter taste, hence, a glass of wine after taking this is helpful.

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This is not a sincerely

Back to the beginning
takes two for this tango
the law states clearly
this is not a sincerely
let’s get back on track

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Political shame, facebook fame

It’s hollow life and controversial trite
creating botox, collagen and silicon

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Teach them respect, expect respect.

Can you remember a time when after countless attempts, your two year old wouldn’t stay in bed, so you let them stay up until they finally fell asleep in your arms and you carried them to bed?
Has your four year old ever, packed a tantrum that screamed the supermarket down, so you gave him/her a kinder surprise to shut them up

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HARAKEKE – Māori Creativity

The significance of harakeke in Māori culture, are it’s medicinal properties and the artistic value of the beautiful harakeke leave.
Harakeke also has many medicinal uses. The sticky sap or gum that it produces was applied to boils and wounds and used for toothache. The gel which oozes from the freshly-cut stems has similar healing properties to Aloe Vera, useful in treating skin irritations such as eczema and burns.

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my god, I surmise

Stillness, Silence
the world is still asleep
early morning greets
me, deep is the connection
mindful affection

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TMI Tag for Grandma

I was tagged by my very young fellow blogger, tanishq who is encouraging his grandma to read my blogs with the hope she will blog too.
So I have answered these question honestly, to inspire tanishq’s grandma…:)

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***Valentines Day***

Be outwardly caring. Be a giver. No matter the reason. Be passionate and extend your boundaries and remind those you love that you love them enough to make them feel extra special on a special day. You will be amazed at the joy you will receive in return.

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