When we come down from the temporary emotional high of an “in-love” experience, we start pursuing the “real-love” experience.

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Reminiscing the sorrow in hollow form

reminiscing the sorrow in hollow form
and apologises for outrages and scornful play
a last minute dash to clasp our messy norm

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I feel your voice speak to me

Your words were so clear Kui
“was time to meet your maker”
you wanted me to listen, please
a moment of my attention

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Nor whore of chastity

Not I
complacent, not I
smug, not me
Nor whore of chastity
you set me free

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Gypsophila (Baby’s’ Breath)

Overall: the gypsophila message is: Stay dedicated to your cause and remember the power of innocence

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Enrol your self in the game

Enrol your self in the game of
life, so the heavens above will
see you Right

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Are you having a Man moment?

Here’s a scenario for you.
It’s your wife’s birthday today. You wake up, the sun is shining, the birds are singing their daylight songs, your loving partner is gazing longingly into your eyes and the first thought in your head goes something like this:

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No poem today. A Poem

No poem today
Too lazy to say

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