Say it with flowers

It was during the Victorian era, where every flower began to symbolize something. It is said that because of the strict protocol of that era, feelings and thoughts were not openly expressed between men and women, leading to an elaborate “flower language” or “floriography” being developed.

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Gypsophila (Baby’s’ Breath)

Overall: the gypsophila message is: Stay dedicated to your cause and remember the power of innocence

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Enrol your self in the game

Enrol your self in the game of
life, so the heavens above will
see you Right

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Improve your health – Read a Book

In the age of constant social media consumption, we have forgotten to chew the cud. Social media and Dr Google do all our thinking for us. They give us stories, ideas & concepts along with all the answers we think we may need, limiting our ability to think, feel and do for ourselves.   I…

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Hi, My name is Mairi Wharehoka, a Maori woman from New Zealand. (If you don’t know where NZ is, think All Blacks, Haka & sheep!) I have always wanted to blog, just couldn’t find the balls (courage) to do it. The thought of writing about friends, family, life etc. was daunting. The last two years have…

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