TMI Tag for Grandma

I was tagged by my very young fellow blogger, tanishq who is encouraging his grandma to read my blogs with the hope she will blog too.
So I have answered these question honestly, to inspire tanishq’s grandma…:)

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Benevolent sexism. A mnemonic?

Benevolent sexism is defined as positive prejudice that appears as favourable when it in fact casts women as weak creatures needing men’s protection as in this example.

I think, women can twist a situation to suit their needs and this can distort the real event

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Iris, the Rainbow Goddess

Iris, the Goddess of the Rainbow was the messenger of the gods and acted as a link between heaven and earth via rainbows. Hence, the word Iris is Greek for rainbow.

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No poem today. A Poem

No poem today
Too lazy to say

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Stress – a rising tide of dread & panic OR an opportunity to change

What if the “Act of Stress” is our body telling us to stop, take a good hard look at ourselves & is inviting us to create change, to listen carefully. What if it is saying:
“I am not a robot, I am flesh & blood”, “I am unable to sustain the demands of your decisions to perform any longer”.

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When our adult children live overseas

And so it begins. We baby boomers scramble to learn social media because sooner or later…. there will be grandchildren…. and we don’t want to miss out.

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Matricaria, the Mother

In NZ, it is found in the tea section in almost every western country. Is an excellent muscle relaxant, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative, mild analgesic…. the list goes on…

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Sisterly love..

I don’t have to dress up or look nice and pretty for my sisters, they take me as I am, warts and all and will always have my back, even when they don’t need to. And it’s fantastic that there is always someone to go out with for company & social gatherings.

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Marriage, How many is too many?

I admit that I didn’t think to learn my new partners “Parenting Style”. I mean who does? Who thinks of these things when they fall in love! All I was hoping was that he liked my kids….. and he did and they liked him. I just didn’t know how he was going to treat them once we got off cloud nine and normal set in.

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Hi, My name is Mairi Wharehoka, a Maori woman from New Zealand. (If you don’t know where NZ is, think All Blacks, Haka & sheep!) I have always wanted to blog, just couldn’t find the balls (courage) to do it. The thought of writing about friends, family, life etc. was daunting. The last two years have…

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