When we come down from the temporary emotional high of an “in-love” experience, we start pursuing the “real-love” experience.

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***Valentines Day***

Be outwardly caring. Be a giver. No matter the reason. Be passionate and extend your boundaries and remind those you love that you love them enough to make them feel extra special on a special day. You will be amazed at the joy you will receive in return.

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Are you having a Man moment?

Here’s a scenario for you.
It’s your wife’s birthday today. You wake up, the sun is shining, the birds are singing their daylight songs, your loving partner is gazing longingly into your eyes and the first thought in your head goes something like this:

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Their hearts are one, though the duo is bare. A Poem

Watching in awe, a twirling caress
Tutus and tails, a flaunt with finesse

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Lisianthus, Poor mans rose

The Lizzy is a stunningly beautiful flower in any bouquet, weddings, posies and vase arrangements. Their frilled petals are the epitome of femininity and romance. Stunning in buttonholes, head dresses and make spectacle table centrepieces.

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