Enrol your self in the game

Enrol your self in the game of
life, so the heavens above will
see you Right

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And the rain comes down upon her face. A Poem

And the rain comes down upon her face
Trials and trivia she flees to escape

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Emotional Intelligence!!!

In order to know another, we must first, know thyself. Otherwise the boundaries get blurred and what we may think is the emotion or attitude of another person, may in actual fact, be our own.

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The Dark Taskmaster. A Stoem

I planned for Spring and Summer
And taught myself to play
Skill and tolerance held me firm
My family, live another day

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Winter – A Stoem

Thus, We surrender to the voices
A dark night of the soul
Meaninglessness, a deep sense, sets in

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Are you practicing Virtues?

Virtuous people are said to be “Good people”. They generally abide by a set of values and principles cultivated by their desire to seek greater purpose in their life and consciously, practice these values daily

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