Heed this change in fate


If I sit in silence
and wait
and heed this change in fate

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Political shame, facebook fame

It’s hollow life and controversial trite
creating botox, collagen and silicon

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Teach them respect, expect respect.

Can you remember a time when after countless attempts, your two year old wouldn’t stay in bed, so you let them stay up until they finally fell asleep in your arms and you carried them to bed?
Has your four year old ever, packed a tantrum that screamed the supermarket down, so you gave him/her a kinder surprise to shut them up

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Benevolent sexism. A mnemonic?

Benevolent sexism is defined as positive prejudice that appears as favourable when it in fact casts women as weak creatures needing men’s protection as in this example.

I think, women can twist a situation to suit their needs and this can distort the real event

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